Rationale: Studies show a primary protector factor among kids who avoid high-risk behaviors and do well in school is eating meals regularly with their family.  Family meals provide a place to belong, a sense of identity, a break from separation caused by individual activities and a rhythm for healthier lifestyle patterns. 

Campaign Duration: 8 weeks from exact start date

Campaign Challenge: Encourage families to sign a pledge to have 3 or more meals together per week for the duration of the campaign (8 weeks).  Pledge cards will be on display somewhere publicly (library? city hall?) as a visible sign of community involvement.


  • Have a community goal of “X” number of families signing the pledge and participating in the challenge. If community goal is met, ask civic leaders to agree to do something like dye their hair local high school mascot colors (or some similar incentive). Invite families that participate to a campaign celebration at the end of the 8 weeks.
  • Schools/classrooms can issue similar challenges… “If every child in 5th grade gets their family to sign the pledge, there will be a pizza party”.  Or classrooms can challenge each other in friendly competition… “Whichever HS homeroom class gets the most family participation will get a free homework pass” or similar.
  •  Ask restaurants and retail shops to offer discounts for families that pledge.


Contact the New Vista Prevention Center for more information and sample materials at 859-225-3296; or email Tara McGuire, State Alcohol PES, at

This project was developed by the New Vista Prevention Center and ASAP Boards in Central KY