Coaches Initiative

This is a training for coaches about the high risks of alcohol and substance use by student-athletes and prevention strategies coaches can use to increase awareness of physiological consequences of underage and binge drinking and other substance use to young athletes.


  • Set up as a breakfast or lunch meeting at school
  • Lasts 1-2 hours
  • Includes:
    • Athlete Perspective—Personal Story
    • Alcohol and the Athlete—Professional Perspective
    • Reflections from a Former High School Athlete
    • Alcopops Awareness Presentation


  1. Increase awareness of physiological consequences of underage and binge drinking, and other substance abuse to young athletes and their performance.
  2. Develop a plan that targets coaches as gatekeepers to young athletes, influencing their attitudes and behaviors around alcohol and other substance abuse.
  3. Reduce the acceptability of alcohol and illegal drug use by student athletes through efforts which promote and glamorize a drug-free lifestyle for young athletes.
  4. Reduce perceived acceptability of underage and binge drinking, and other illicit substance abuse by student athletes.
  5. Address changes in policy that reflect the reduced tolerance for underage drinking by athletes.

Alcohol & the Athlete: 10 Facts

  1. Getting drunk can undo up to 14 days of training.
  2. Reaction time can be affected 12 hours after drinking.
  3. Players that drink are twice as likely to be injured.
  4. A hangover can reduce athletic performance by 11.4%.
  5. Alcohol negatively affects heart rate, lactic acid and muscle performance, and respiration.
  6. Muscle synthesis and repair is reduced, especially of fast twitch muscle fibers.
  7. Drinking reduces Vitamin B in the body, which negatively affects hormones that build muscle and strength.
  8. These hormones can be reduced for up to 4 days.
  9. Alcohol increases cortisol levels.
  10. Not to mention, DRINKING UNDERAGE IS ILLEGAL! Students may face legal, financial, academic and mental consequences.

Reference:  American Athletic Institute


PowerPoint Presentation
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Coaches Playbook Cards
Visit the Resources column at the top of this page to download sample cards developed by the New Vista Prevention Center and Kentucky's Alcohol Prevention Enhancement Specialist (PES).  Contact or 859-225-3296 for a complete list of Playbook Card topics available.

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